Who We Serve

In addition to serving the National Weather Service and other local and state agencies upon their request, Davidson County ARES has a working relationship with the Nashville Chapter of the American Red Cross. To participate, DCARES members need to become an American Red Cross Volunteer and complete minimum required training. Once these minimum requirements are met, members can take additional training according to their individual interests. Kevin Watt is the DCARES contact at the Nashville Chapter.

1. Become an American Red Cross Volunteer by applying and completing all the steps through this
    link: Volunteer Connection Sign-Up
2. Once the sign up is completed please send Kevin an email and he will watch for the
    application to come through the volunteer system (this can take up to 2 weeks)
3. Kevin will reach out to each member individually and let them know that their account is active.
4. Once each ARES member account is activated they may begin their online training.
5. Required classes are:
    a. Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview (online)
    b. Disaster Services Technology Overview Workshop (virtual class)
    c. Disaster Services Technology Communications Workshop (virtual class)
    d. Disaster Assessment Fundamentals (online)

We strongly encourage all DCARES members who are interested to become American Red Cross Volunteers.

Davidson County ARES also works in conjunction with the Nashville Amateur Radio Club (NARC) to provide communications support during NARC-affiliated events. Events DCARES has supported in the past include the RAGNAR Relay, Jack-and-Back Bike Ride (Multiple Sclerosis benefit), Skymont Horseback Ride at the Altamont Boy Scout Camp, and the Multiple Sclerosis Walk at Titan Stadium.