We understand that not all Davidson County ARES members have the ability or capability to mobilize in the field. Our mission is to help each member participate in DCARES to the extent and to the level at which they have an interest.

From time to time, there will be emergency situations which will require DCARES members to be mobilized to the field. Members who do not mobilize can play equally important roles by operating base stations, coordinating communication nets, etc.

DCARES members who respond in these emergencies are known as our Mutual Assistance Team, or MAT. They are the first amateur radio operators to respond to a disaster. The function of the DCARES Mutual Assistance Team is to expedite equipment and personnel to the scene of a disaster. During a communications emergency, members of the MAT are be deployed to strategic locations as requested by the various served agencies. The MAT members then assess the needs of the requesting agency and plan for further activation of ARES personnel if required. They continue to provide essential communications during the first critical hours of the disaster until other operators can be mobilized. The deployed members may call on non-deployed members for further support as needed.

Members of the Davidson County ARES MAT will have the opportunity to train in various types of disaster situations and the needed response to each. Members may gain experience in field setup and operation of various different types of communication equipment. MAT participants may also attend training sessions provided by each served agency in accordance with that agency’s volunteer policy. Participation in the MAT is by invitation, and will be based on:
* An expressed interest
* Proven capabilities as a Radio Operator (see Membership Levels)
* Demonstrated ability with proper equipment in an emergency situation
* Certification in ICS courses 100, 200, 700 & 800
* Capability to support activation for one or more days

If you are interested in becoming a part of the DCARES MAT, contact us.